In memory of Dan, my best friend now and forever.

A friend is a supporter, a mentor, a trusted associate.

A friend communicates in an honest, but caring, manner and serves as a sounding board for your ideas.

Wouldn't it be great if you had someone like that to help with your writing projects?

Well, now you do.

I'm Sandi Corbitt-Sears, The Write Friend. An experienced freelance editor, I have a solid grasp of the mechanics of writing coupled with a knack for written expression. As a writer myself, I understand the challenges of the craft.

One of those challenges is moving from the writing phase to the editing phase, a process that requires complete objectivity. That's tough. Even if your grammar skills are top notch, very few writers can get enough distance from their writing to edit it effectively.

That's one of the ways a professional freelance editor can help.

Of course, you need an editor who knows her way around grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. But you also want an editor who will make sure your voice shines through any revisions.

That's what the Write Friend can do for you.

I respect the effort you put into the writing process and the creative commitment it represents. After I've edited the words you've written, they'll still be yours, carefully polished until they shine.

Whether you need basic proofreading, extensive editing, web editing, or some friendly feedback, you can count on me to help you achieve your writing goals.

The Write Friend...your freelance editor
for expert editing, caring critiques,
and professional results.

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