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The Write Friend can edit a wide range of documents, including manuscripts, ebooks, web content, ezines, articles, training and other manuals, marketing materials, PowerPoint slides, correspondence, essays, memoirs, and more. Whether you need light or intensive editing depends on the complexity of the writing, the purpose of the project, and, of course, your skills and experience as a writer. Two levels of editing are offered:


Proofreading involves correcting basic errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This option is useful for experienced writers who need a final check before submitting a manuscript to an agent or publisher.

Comprehensive Editing

In addition to proofreading, comprehensive editing focuses on word usage, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and style. Flow, cohesiveness, organization, appropriateness to the target audience, and logic are addressed.

Light fact checking may be performed, as needed. Comprehensive editing is useful for transforming intermediate versions into final drafts that are ready for publication.

Is the Write Friend is the Right Editor for You?

Try my discounted sample edit for new clients. It's a low-cost way to find out if we can work together effectively.


Once we have completed the sample edit, we will discuss your project in more detail, and I will provide an estimate. Small individual projects (articles, web content, correspondence, essays, individual book chapters) are billed at $65 per hour. Larger projects (e.g., books, ebooks, memoirs, manuals, collection of writings) are billed at $50 per hour, with one-third of the total estimate due in advance.

See the Submission and Payment pages for more information.

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