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The Write Friend, Sandi Corbitt-Sears, enjoys helping fellow writers and small business owners refine their writing projects and reach their goals. But wanting to help writers doesn't make someone a good editor. That takes experience and ability.

Education and Other Experience

What about education? Isn't it important for an editor to hold a degree in English? Well, it doesn't hurt, but it's certainly not necessary. Although Sandi has excelled in every language-related course she's taken, she chose to focus on another strong interest when selecting a college major, earning a BA in Psychology and then an MS in Counseling and Guidance.

After graduation, Sandi worked as a counselor for an employee assistance program and later as assistant director with a university career center. Her writing and editing experience proved valuable in both positions, as she was called upon to create articles, proposals, and brochure copy.

Freelance Editing Experience

In 1993, Sandi took the plunge into self-employment, initially presenting workshops and providing freelance writing/editing services. Writing projects included feature articles, researched reports, targeted correspondence, technical manuals, instruction booklets, resumes, cover letters, and press releases.

She served as managing editor for a regional business magazine, a community health publication, and a periodical for businesswomen, in addition to editing newsletters for three professional organizations.

Sandi developed and presented an editing e-class titled "Edit Your Own" and co-taught online writing classes through Wordweave. Early in 2000, Sandi launched The Write Friend to provide freelance editing services for both new and experienced writers.

Freelance Editing Ability

Providing the foundation for Sandi's editing and writing experience is her solid grasp of the rules of grammar and her knack for word usage. She loves words, and it shows in her work. But Sandi knows that seeing is believing. The only way you'll know for sure that she can do the job is to ask her to edit something you wrote.

That's why The Write Friend offers new clients a low-cost sample edit. If you're not satisfied that The Write Friend is the right editor for you, you're free to find someone who better meets your needs. And, if you like the way Sandi perfects your writing, you've already taken the first step in creating a great working relationship!

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