Your words. Your message. Your style. Polished for clarity and consistency.

In everything she edits, the Write Friend polishes the content while retaining each writer's unique perspective and voice.

Meet Sandi, the Write Friend

Hello! I'm Sandi, and I'm a word person. 

I believe that words carry magic and meaning and beauty, especially when they’re gathered together and arranged to perfection. Then they can ignite the spark of imagination for each reader and weave a web of meaning.

My obsession with placing the right words in the right order started early. When I was still too young to read, I would correct my mother if she left out a word or deviated in any way from the text as she read my favorite books to me. I don’t remember it, but that’s what she tells me happened.

Why work with Me?

My editing approach is friendly, easygoing, and even (dare I say it?) fun.

My editing process makes sure your words, your message, and your style shine through.  

Book Editing

I've edited memoirs, novels, children's books, historical fiction, how-to books, personal development books, and more. If your manuscript is ready for a polish, click the arrow below to explore my options for editing.

Business Editing

If you're a solopreneur or entrepreneur, you create content. I can help you post and publish polished business materials that will make a great first impression. Click the arrow for more information.


Self-editing is, as the name implies, what happens when you edit your own work without hiring an editor. And if you decide to hire an editor, you might save money! Click the arrow to visit my self-editing site.


How do my clients feel about working with me?

"What thrills me is how much I love these stories after Sandi performs her magic on them."

Betty Auchard

Author, Posing Naked

"I love how you find words that take my writing to the next level without changing my voice. It is an incredible gift."

Daphne Michaels

"Thank you for helping to elevate my book to a level I didn't know it could reach."

Jolene Lavine

Let's talk about your writing project.