About Sandi

Hello! I'm Sandi, and I'm a word person. 

I believe that words carry magic and meaning and beauty, especially when they’re gathered together and arranged to perfection. Then they can ignite the spark of imagination for each reader and weave a web of meaning.

My obsession with placing the right words in the right order started early. When I was still too young to read, I would correct my mother if she left out a word or deviated in any way from the text as she read my favorite books to me. I don’t remember it, but that’s what she tells me happened.

I also don’t remember learning to print words on paper, but my discovery of the art of cursive remains a vivid memory. I practiced making the graceful loops of the word little, copying them over and over while loving the way the pen moved across the paper – part dance and part art.

Words and order came together for me when an elementary-school teacher showed my class how to diagram sentences. It showed me the key to the magic of words: sentence structure. My hand shot up every time the teacher asked for a volunteer to come to the blackboard at the front of the classroom. Volunteering was unusual behavior for a shy child, but I couldn’t resist the puzzle each sentence presented. When I correctly placed the words on the horizontal and slanted lines of the diagram, I felt I had inserted the correct key into a lock. The treasure chest opened, and the magic of language was mine.

As an adult, I didn’t follow the typical path one would expect a lover of words to choose. Life took me on a meandering journey that led to a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in guidance and counseling. My fascination with words remained with me every step of the way, however, and little by little, the enchantment resurfaced. 

I worked as a personal counselor and then as a career counselor at a university. My natural inclination to edit everything I read made it easy to help students create and polish their resumes and eventually led to a gig as managing editor for three business magazines. Next came a period of ghostwriting and editing for business publications and websites. And then discovered book editing.

I felt I had returned home. My journey had started with books and circled back to them. And here I am, the editor-in-chief at Write Friend! I now enjoy the best of both worlds: editing for authors and for business mavens.