Book Editing

If you're in the market for a professional editor for your manuscript, check out the two options below and then click the button to request a quote or more information.

Option #1: Done-for-You Editing

When most people think of editing, they envision sending a document or manuscript to an editor who will make (or suggest) changes. I call this type of editing Done-for You Editing.

Who might choose this option?

Done-for-you editing is suitable for writers who are on a budget and need to know the fee upfront. It’s also the fastest way to accomplish your goal of moving from final draft to edited manuscript, so it's a good choice for those on a deadline.

How is the fee determined?

For this type of editing, I charge by the word. The per-word rate depends on the level of editing needed (ranging from proofreading and fact-checking to extensive line editing). I request a 500-word sample and use it to determine the appropriate type of editing for your project.

The done-for-you option includes two rounds of edits. Each round consists of my suggestions plus your review and updates. After two rounds, a per-hour fee applies.

Option #2: Collaborative Editing

Collaborative Editing involves give and take between the editor and author throughout the editing process. You choose whether to work on an entire manuscript at once or submit the manuscript a chapter at a time. Some writers use this process on a few selected chapters and then apply what they learn to the remaining chapters. 

Who might choose this option?

A writer might choose collaborative editing if she likes to work with a partner and stay closely involved during the edit. This method can also provide a rich and nuanced result, as well as elevating the writer's skill level. Consider collaborative editing hands-on masterclass in self-editing. 

How is the fee determined?

The time involved makes collaborative editing the more expensive option. There is no limit on the number of “rounds" in this type of editing. Instead, an hourly fee is charged for all edits and emails as we work our way through your manuscript. However, as mentioned earlier, you can choose to submit a few chapters rather than the entire book. I'm happy to customize the editing process for your needs.