Business Editing

Are you a solopreneur or entrepreneur? 

Let me know what type of content you produce, and I'll send you a quote for editing each type (I may request a sample). Below are descriptions of the content I have edited.

I work with individual items (sent as needed), on a project basis (large or small), and on retainer (for business owners who produce content frequently). 


Before you submit that guest article, post, or essay to a journal or online site, send it to me for a quick edit. 

Blog Posts

Run your blog posts past an editor before you hit "publish," and you'll boost your credibility and readability.

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are your introduction to potential clients and customers. Make sure they provide the best impression possible.

Printables & Guides

Give your downloadable printables and guides a polish, and they'll provide not only useful information but enhance your reputation and credibility.

Social Media Content

It's easy to dash off a quick Facebook or Instagram post or send off a tweet, but you can take them to the next level by writing them in bulk and letting a professional editor give them the once-over.

Website Content

Catch typos, run-on sentences, and confusing messages before a potential customer notices them. I can also confirm links and fact-check information to make sure all the bases are covered.